Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rush Hour Fun Kids Game

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and didn't get injured while shopping yesterday. I chose to avoid the madness. Just didn't feel like standing in lines for hours.

My little girl did manage to receive a great little game that has begun to occupy her for tons of time. I have to say I'm thrilled about it. There is no computer screen to stare at for hours and it actually makes her think. I'm a big supporter or that.

The game is called Rush Hour and it is made by Thinkfun. It is basically a puzzle type game where she assembles a series of cars, trucks and buses on a little grid. Inside the grid is an ice cream truck that has to move out of the traffic jam. She is limited in the ways and directions she is able to move the other vehicles and just has to figure out a series of moves to solve the puzzle and free the truck. Sound simple enough? It comes with forty levels and I would be the first to admit it is fun. No TV. No computer. Just the game and her brain. Good fun.

This one comes with a high level recommendation and you should definitely check it out. It comes in two levels of difficulty. One for ages 6-8 and one for 8 and up. 8 and up... that's us parents! Don't pretend like you don't like to play these things.

I am being beckoned to... have fun.

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