Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crayola Color Wonder Markers

First I would like to say thank you for the well wishes I received regarding my little girl. You should know she is feeling much better now and back at school having a blast.

I was away for a little while and came across another pretty amazing product for kids. These are the Crayola Color Wonder Markers. The Crayola Color Wonder Markers are great because first of all, they encourage the kids to be creative. You really can't go wrong with that. Anything that brings out the artistic side of our kids is something I will always cheer about.

The real amazing thing about these markers is that they are not like other markers. When you think of markers you probably think of a particular kind of mess. Also, depending upon how imaginative your kids are, I'm sure you have seen their tremendous works of art in places other than their coloring books.

Well here it is. The great thing about the Crayola Color Wonder Markers is that they will only draw on the special accompanying paper. That's right. So if your kids like to color outside the lines and onto the table, no worries. The Crayola Color Wonder Markers will not leave lines or trace on the table. If your kids are running around with the markers and accidentally rub against your walls, you don't have to worry about finding marks on the walls. The Crayola Color Wonder Markers only work on the special paper that comes with the kit and that in itself is genius.

Sure, you have to give up on finding the next priceless work of art on your living room wall when you get home but hey, them kids got to learn to channel their gifts with a little discipline. The Crayola Color wonder Markers make for a great gift and will cut down on your clean up time significantly. I grabbed some for my little girl and she loves them.

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Lily said...

I prefer to buy Crayola color wonder products for my kids!! My kids love their new Crayola color wonder glitter paint and large paper...