Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Puppet Shows Are Great For All Kids

We were sitting around when out of the blue, my little girl asked if I would put on a puppet show for her. I asked her where she got the idea from and she gave me the classic "I don't know." Without hesitation I jumped into action.

I put together a makeshift curtain and stage and before long the show was about to begin. She really has a great time with it. Barely before I had a chance to start in, she was asking the characters questions and wanted to get in on it. She couldn't stop laughing. It was great.

The lead characters of the puppet show were three individuals that you may or may not be very familiar with. One was a dolphin from Marine Land. This was an actual puppet, according to my daughter it was a girl dolphin who was just happy to have escaped captivity and was more than happy to live out her days in a puppet show.

The next character was a big wrinkly dog who bared a striking resemblance to a neighbourhood crime watch mascot. He was saying anything about it and he may have been my little girl's favorite of the three. Finally, there was a classic favorite, Zoey, from Sesame Street. Zoey always was hysterical and when I take control, you might even think she has been throwing a couple back. I know you are going to say she is still a little young to be drinking but if you had to spend every waking hour with Elmo, you would drink too.

Oh yeah. I said it. Elmo drives us crazy. It's OK if a couple other characters take the limelight once and a while. Let's face it, that guy is not the brightest in the world. He doesn't age so he doesn't get much smarter. All he is ever doing is shaking and giggling and if he were a relative of yours, you would have put him away in a "place" to be kept a long time ago. So, needless to say, we prefer Zoey. She is a much greater pleasure to be around.

The puppet show was a huge success. I highly recommend it the next time you are searching for something to entertain the kids with when you don't have much time or prep. It is definitely one of the lost arts. Don't give me any of that, "I'm a grown up. I'm beyond puppet shows." Let's face it. Even as adults, we can't get away from puppet shows. If we could, there wouldn't be any ventriloquists. We know how many of those guys there are around and all they really are, are grown up puppet shows. You know you especially like it when they make the dummy say naughty things. Don't lie! You love it! The ventriloquist is just a grown up puppet show.

Try throwing a puppet show together for the kids sometime without the language, you'll all have a great time. After the kids go to sleep, break out the dummies. Who knows? You might make a new friend.


Mrs. Stevenson said...

how cute puppet show. thanks for comment. my hubby loves cars and im not that in to bikes but i think it's cool to have one lol.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Great idea! I even have a little soft puppet theatre thing that I never get out! (Maybe I should.)

I agree with you about Elmo's dullness.