Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kids' Cough and Cold Season is Upon Us

It is without a doubt the season that all parents dread. I live out east so we have regular winters and my little girl has been hit with a brutal cough. This thing sneaks up out of nowhere and sounds like she is storing a bull frog in her chest.

There is no way a little girl like ours should be carrying around a cough or cold like this one but what can we do. During a recent trip to her class for parent teacher interviews we saw that at least five other kids in her class have the same thing.

With this kind of cough ramp id in her class I am amazed that any of those kids ever get better. I swear they should have quarantine for some of them, let them get better, then they all come together again. You know, just like that movie with Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo. I think it was called Outbreak. Good move, nasty virus.

What amazes me the most is how their teacher never seems to get sick. She has had the same one for the past two years and this woman is the picture of health. It doesn't matter if the kids are all sitting there coughing up the newest strains of super flu, she doesn't flinch. I think it's the nose picking that drives her the craziest.

Anyway, we are not big fans of cough syrups for kids. We have usually followed the advice of our pediatrician in that department and he doesn't really believe in them. What we do give her when she seems to have multiple cough and cold symptoms is Pedia Care for kids. The stuff is easy for her to swallow and it seems to work in giving her some temporary relief.

If your kids are hitting the cough and cold season and need to try something, I would recommend the Pedia Care but more importantly lots of rest and liquids. You moms know what works the best.

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Midwest Mom said...

When we get bugged by the cold & flu bug, we have a few old stand-by remedies. One is good, homemade chicken noodle soup with plenty of vegetables. There is something about that warm broth that feels great on a sore throat.

Another is a humidifier. When our kids are stuffy, we put a warm air humidifier in their bedrooms while they sleep. That moist air helps to keep stuffy noses breathing easier.

Thanks for your visit to my blog, and thanks for writing a great post! -MM