Friday, November 14, 2008

Movie Review: Madagascar 2... The Kids Will Love It!

I believe I mentioned in an earlier post that we were thinking about going to see Madagascar 2. It just so happens that is exactly what we did. Madagascar 2 was great. I couldn't think of a better thing to do with my little girl on a dreary rainy day.

Madagascar 2 is terrific for so many reasons. The cast is back and that makes it worth the trip all by itself. To see Sasha Baron Cohen and Chris Rock joking together in character is almost as good as seeing the two of them live. It was just a great idea to get this grouping of comedic actors together to do the voices. They all would have had great careers as children's entertainers. Well, maybe not Rock. I think he would have snapped eventually.

The jokes and plots are new but the characters are all just as much fun as in the first one. There are also a couple of new editions that I can't tell you about because you have to see the movie. Go ahead, ask me, I might tell you about them. Nope, I won't.

A great part of this film is something that Pixar captured in another great kids movie, Monsters Inc. That is, characters that might otherwise be scary or engage in scary activity are made to be cute and hilarious so that kids can really enjoy them. If you recall in the first one, the lion kept wanting to eat his friend the zebra. That was just made to look cute and hysterical. My little girl just kept falling over laughing each time it happened. Kudos to the film makers on that one.

Of course the next great thing are all the action figures. My little girl found a few little ones that actually talk when you shake them. I told her that she already had a bunch of them from the first movies. She explained that those were the animals from the first, not the second. Despite the fact they were the same, they were now stars of a second movie so we had to get them AGAIN! Of course I let her have a couple. I'm a sucker.

If you haven't seen Madagascar 2 yet, grab the kids and go check it out. You will have a blast.


Mrs. Stevenson said...

we want to watch madagascar 2 also. we will wait until we all get well to watch it. thanks for visit and comment. have a great day ahead!

Mama Duck said...

thanks for the comment. I'm actually looking into packaging. Well see.