Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Never Give Up On The Things You Believe

Never give up on the things you believe, whether you want to fly into space or find a cure for disease.  For belief in yourself is where it all begins, when you're alone in the dark or running on mountaintops with the swiftest of winds.

If you believe that you can, there will be no room for doubt, whether running the greatest marathon or eating a tub of sauerkraut.  Your goals will be your own, no one else will compare, the race will be yours to win against the tortoise or the hare.

For belief is the gift you give to your heart, made of magic and inspiration it's where all wonderful things start.  Mix it with sweetness and baseball and dream of the key and all will come running to share what you see.

The greatest of places and most wondrous of things all began so simply without a care in the breeze.  The biggest of trucks and the grandest of cheese would never be with us without this decree.  So reach for the skies and the deepest of seas and remember to never give up on the things you believe.