Monday, November 24, 2008

Power Rangers and Kids Still a Strange Mix

This weekend I was spending some quality time with my little girl when we decided to take a break and watch a little TV. As we were flipping through the channels we came across the Power Rangers show.

I don't get this show at all. It is a bunch of kids that also have the power to transform into these fighting characters who take on the most bizarre villains I have ever seen. It's ridiculous. These bad guys can barely move because their costumes are made of some industrial rubber adhesive that can't be comfortable. I don't know too many bad guys who would dress up like Godzilla to rob a bank or something.

How is it nobody else ever comes after these weirdos? The kids have to call out their character names to transform. I remember similar heroes when we were kids, they were called the Wonder Twins. They were ridiculous too. They were a brother and sister team that always walked around wearing sky blue coloured pyjamas. When the bad guys were around one would say "form of a bucket" and then the other one would say "shape of water" and then I would wonder what would happen next because they would turn into a bucket full of water but they would need a third brother or sister to throw it. No worries. The bucket would of course just float through the air and the water could be thrown accordingly. Ridiculous and hilarious.

I guess the big difference is how violent these shows are now. I know violence in kids programs has always been around in one form or another. The road runner and coyote show are a great example. However, these Power Rangers are always fighting, it's always fighting with the fear of death attached. My little girl loves it. Fortunately, I'm able to influence her to watch other stuff when I'm around because she doesn't really care right now.

I guess I'm old fashioned at heart and would rather see her enjoying the Mickey Mouse Club Show or H&R Puff n Stuff (remember that one). It doesn't bother me as much to think she is watching something hilarious instead of something so violent.

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