Sunday, November 9, 2008

Madagascar 2 Kids Favorite

Well tomorrow we are going to be off to see Madagascar 2, Escape Africa. I am looking forward to it. The first Madagascar movie was great. The kids really enjoyed it. It was amazing how it was written in such a way that kids can enjoy parts of it while simultaneously jokes are written in for parents.

The first one and I believe this one feature a tremendous cast. We really like Chris Rock and Sasha Baron Cohen in their roles. Those guys are hilarious in any situation. I am sure it will be quite the adventure.

The last time we went my daughter couldn't stop laughing about David Schwimmer's giraffe character and the penguins. She thought they were hysterical. She really got a kick out of Cohen's little guy as well. The entire film was just filled with incredible comedic moments that blended friendship and trying to eat each other in a way I had not seen before in any movie since Alive. Remember that one? No lions or zebras in that. Just soccer players. Not quite the same idea.

Anyways we are looking forward to it and I am sure there will be some interesting moments to talk about. I'm guessing it will be another example of some great entertainment for the kids. Oh yeah, and us too.

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