Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kids and Their Candy

Thankfully I have accepted the fact that my amazing little girl is not a big candy eater. After a hugely successful haul this Halloween, I realize that she was really just amassing a collection for me.

It would seem there are a few types of candy she likes. She enjoys the chewy sour lemon things and occasionally will ask for the chocolate chip cake concoction. What I'm getting at is that I don't know what has happened to our kids.

When we were little, it used to be all about snickers minis, peanut butter cups and who can forget the Reggie Jackson chocolate bar. I think it was just called a Reggie. I'm not sure. The point is, I would come home with two bags full of great chocolaty goodness and go back out for more. My mother had to guard the cupboard where she hid the loot every night, because she knew if I had open access I would empty those bags in one sitting.

Today things are all different. I just caught a blog the other day where a woman took a picture of a bowl of candy their kids didn't want. It was all snickers bars! What is that all about?! Yes, I'm blogging about a blog, what of it?

These kids have to learn what's good again. Don't worry about all that healthy mumbo jumbo or new wave treats. My grandparents are into their nineties and they love the gooey goodness. That's how they've stayed young at heart. They don't know what year it is but they are young at heart.

So throw out those weak treats and get back to the hearty goodness that eating junk is all about. If you parents don't smarted up your kids, next year I'm giving out broccoli.

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