Friday, November 28, 2008

Kid Rock Stars Great For Sleep

Forget the sugar crashes and baby Bach tapes, I figured it out. Just when you thought all hope was lost for getting your kids off to sleep or even just having them relax with no end in site to some hyper fit, the solution arises.

I discovered that by putting on something like Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers on TV, my little one will either rock out until she is ready to fall over exhausted or she will get bored out of her mind watching them. The final result seems entirely dependent upon her mood. Sometimes she feels like watching and other times she could care less. Regardless of the mood, at some point after them being on, she feels like going to sleep. What a discovery!

This is better than finding out how good milk goes after chocolate chip cookies. We all know how good milk is after chocolate chip cookies. Most people don't know that milk was discovered after chocolate chip cookies, specifically for drinking after that tasty treat. Pilgrims were sitting around wondering what to do after consuming vast amounts of cookie dough for a country festival when one of their kids was found messing around under a cow. A little further investigation and some pasteurization and boom... the rest is history.

In any event, cookies and milk may be great but if you need the kids to pass out trust me, put on one of these teeny bopper groups for a little bit and soon after, they will be sound asleep. I know it sounds like it would go in the other direction but give it a few songs and watch what happens... exhaustion or complete boredom followed by the big snooze. It is truly magical. I always found these kid bands super dull but I never thought they would have such a tremendous effect on my kid.

Hey look, if it doesn't work for yours, go for the cookies and milk immediately thereafter. There is some great stuff released in milk, I think it's called melatonin, that helps your kid konk out. You know as well as I do those kid bands should serve some useful purpose since their not making real music. Might as well use them to help your kid fall asleep.

Good luck I hope you find the same magical results as I.


babyrocasmama said...

Hey chickie pie..come get your present.

And did you know that your blog title comes up as "." in blogger? You muight want to go fix that...LOL

babyrocasmama said...

I just checked again 7 it comes up "title unknown" in my Google Reader.