Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reading and Spelling Adventures Begin

My little girl just had her first spelling test this week. She was given a list of words that were going to be on the test about a week in advance and was told to come home and practice. She did great with the practicing and it would appear that she did super amazing on her test. We will find out for sure on Monday.

She remembered most of the words she had to spell and could tell us how to spell them as well. It is pretty exciting watching her learn and develop. I remember when she was a little kid learning how to speak, you're not sure how she is doing it, but she just does and you don't know if it will keep going well, but it just does. The same feeling is there with reading and spelling. She just continues to be amazing. This little person growing right before our eyes.

She really seems to enjoy the process as well and in consideration of this, I have found something that I had kind of forgotten about over the years and wanted to share. When I was a kid there was a great show that I really enjoyed called The Electric Company. Well, as it turns out, the origin of The Electric Company was to be a show that would help kids learn how to read. I wasn't even aware of that as a kid, I just thought it was fun to watch. I guess it really did a good job.

Turns out, The Electric Company has a website and offers DVDs in sets for purchase. I was checking out their web site and watching clips from the show. I could remember them like it was yesterday. Scary how fast time goes. Anyway, the material still stands up and is a great tool for kids learning how to read. I'm looking into grabbing a set for my kid and would highly recommend it for any parents looking for fun ways to teach their kids how to read and write.

Check out The Electric Company and let me know what you think. If you were a kid who watched the show, get ready for the head trip. It is a doozy!!

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