Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun Riddles For Kids

When thinking about what I used to consider fun riddles for kids, I remember stuff like the Billy Goat Gruff. That was always a fun riddle type situation. Fun riddles for kids were available from places like Sesame Street, The Electric Company and H&R Puff n Stuff. That last show was a real fun riddle for kids. The big question with that show was figuring out what the writers were on.

Types of fun riddles for kids

The obvious types of kids riddles used to be a play on words type of scenario. Sometimes it would be and actual question with a very straight forward answer. The play on words would be something like, what did the sock say to the foot? Answer: you’re putting me on! That’s fun and silly for the kids. The straight forward type of kids riddle is more like what a kid might see on Dora the Explorer. The child is asked which path doesn’t have any snakes. The kid looks and sees the blue path is safe and selects the blue path. That may not be considered a fun riddle for kids by older day standards but it is to them.

There were all kinds of classic riddles for kids that seemed to come out of the age of the nursery rhyme. It would be phrased the same kind of way as the nursery rhyme but at the end would have some kind of question. It was classic, sometime slightly draped in old English with a fun riddle for kids at the end. However, it would not seem to be the choice of most kids today.

Fun riddles for kids: The modern age

It would appear as though there are plenty of new choices when it comes to riddles for kids these days. You can still go to a bookstore and find volumes of the classics. You can also pick up copies of more fun joke type riddles. Such as, what type of shoe do you wear when your basement floods? Answer: pumps. Come on, that was funny. I didn’t write it, these kinds of kooky fun riddles can be found all over the kids’ section of most bookstores today.

There is of course many other alternatives. Instead of just the classic riddles, there are other kinds of brain teasers available for the kids. By the way, these are also supposed to be pretty good for cognitive development. So while you are delivering fun riddles to your kids, you are also improving their mental health. Bet you weren’t expecting that.

The real fun stuff now is available online and probably in most toy stores. A great find that I made was Big Fish Games. It is a site that constantly updating with new developments. They seem to have tons of fun riddle and puzzle type games for kids. One of my daughter’s favourites is the hidden object type game. This is where your kid is given a list of objects that are cleverly hidden in plain sight and he has to find them all. Some of the games have second phases to them where in addition to the hidden objects, there are also fun riddles for the kids to solve. One of the games we downloaded had a series of puzzle parts with riddle questions, each having to be solved in a particular order to solve a mystery. It was a blast.

Most of these games can be downloaded in a trial format to be enjoyed for an hour and then you will be given the option to purchase or move on. So far, we just enjoy an hour with each game because there are always new ones being made available with all sorts of new fun riddles for kids available. Enjoy!

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