Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dora The Explorer Available Still A Mystery

OK, here it is. I don't know too many parents who are not familiar with Dora The Explorer. She has to be part of the most successful kids franchise since Sesame Street. Much like Sesame Street, Dora The Explorer has tons of videos and games available related to the show. There are also countless action figures and dolls that the kids can get related to all the characters on the show.

It is a fun show and great for kids as is demonstrated by the huge following it has. There is something hilarious about it though. I say hilarious because I know if I say something concerns me, people reading this might think I'm serious and I don't want that to ever happen. The day we get to serious about things that are fun for our kids is the day we forget why we had kids in the first place.

Here's the thing. This Dora character is supposedly out there in the woods or the jungle and she is figuring out puzzles and riddles and trying to make good choices to get through her day. She runs around with a talking monkey who wears rain boots. So my question is really, what kind of role model is Dora for our kids? What little kid do you know gets to run around forests and jungles by themselves? She has to go through snake and alligator infested waters half the time, the other times she had to brave the elements just to find food. That's not right.

What kind of parent lets her kid run around on her own like that? That's not safe. That mother should be investigated. Why is nobody concerned about the talking monkey? Why is he wearing boots all the time? Have you ever seen a monkey that wears boots all the time? That's not right. If the monkey could really do all the things he is supposedly doing on the show, including talking, he would have been on Letterman by now.

Let's face it, Dora sets a dangerous example for our kids. I can't have my little one coming to me one day and explaining she wants to go rock climbing by herself with a monkey because she saw Dora do it. When that happens... well... it sure would be a lot quieter around here. In any event you know what I mean.

Just to get even, I went out and got my little girl a Dora The Explorer toilet seat to sit on when she has to go. That's right! That's how I got back at them. I gave them money. I am so lost. Dora got me. Next time you hear from me I will be in the amazon with a talking cow looking for a giant gingerbread diamond.


babyrocasmama said...

We don't let our daughter watch Dora because when her cousin, Makayla, was little she looked just like her! Seriously! My SIL, for whatever reason, let her hair get cut just like Dora.

Ever since then, whenever we see a Dora anything, we say, "Oh look, it's Makayla! (Or cousin Makayla!)"

And now, because her training pants have Dora on them, Rowan says "Look, Mommy...Cousin Makayla!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Love your sense of humor... but you do have a point with your logic :)

I personally don't like buying clothing and stuff with Dora, Diego, Spongebob or whatever on them, just cuz I think it's overdone and there's a lot cuter stuff without it...

Elizabeth Channel said...

Personally I don't care for this Dora. Why can't someone create a popular children's show involving Latin? Now there's something that I'd love to let my children watch! And later I could watch those SAT scores climb! And their Spanish would also be excellent, as well as French, because of the Latin background.

jules sules said...
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