Sunday, November 2, 2008

High School Musical Captured My Kid

That's it. They have done it. The makers of High School Musical have officially brain washed my little girl. It's High School Musical this, High School Musical that, everything has to do with High School Musical. Of course she is going to see the movie today with her mother. I couldn't go. I haven't received my High School Musical vaccination as of yet. It's enough they have captured the kids, they aren't gonna take me down.

It would seem that every kid in this High School Musical series is all over Disney. They are kind of like the mob. Once you are in, you're in. There's no going back. These kids are going to be with them until High School Musical number 112 or until one of them knocks over a dry cleaners. It is amazing. I think each of the main kids in the movie are also in various television programs. This is clearly the time to be a kid with a little bit of talent.

That's right. I said a little bit of talent. These kids are OK but they aren't the greatest talents on the planet. Together however, it would appear they are about to take over the universe. I can remember when Grease was in the theatres and everybody thought that was going to be the biggest thing. It became huge. That movie is still considered a favorite today and will always be around. Only time will tell if High School Musical has the same effect.

There is something else that is odd about the High School Musical thing. Maybe it's just me. The other day my wife showed me a rag mag article about one of the kids in High School Musical and how she just bought a three million dollar house. See, that's different. I don't remember paparazzi stories about Travolta and Newton John when their film was monster. Then again, I was barely a kid back then. Do our kids really need to hear stories about eighteen year-olds having enough money from High School Musical to buy multi-million dollar homes? When our kids are in their teens they'll think they are losing valuable time while they have to go to school.

Whatever it is, this High School Musical thing is huge. The kids love it and I guess it's better than a lot of other things out there. However, I refuse to believe it is cool to break into a song a dance number when you're supposed to be playing basketball.

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