Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kids Toys For Sale May Not Be Great Deal During Holiday Season

That fateful moment has definitely fallen upon us. We either get out there and start shopping for the kids holiday gifts or we sit the kids down and explain to them that Santa Clause doesn't really exist. Sometimes it's a tough decision. Then again, if you are a procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping you still have tons of time.

Nobody truly enjoys that moment when you are going through the racks of kids toys and games at the store and realize it may just be cheaper to move someplace they don't celebrate the holidays. I hear that Lebanon is beautiful this time of year. Perhaps you take a long hard look at the price tag for the newest Disney action figure and you begin to think, maybe my son isn't really my kid. After all, I was on a lot of drugs when they handed him to me.

Truth be told, we love our kids and wouldn't give them up for anything. Definitely not at retail prices anyways. What you should be aware about during the holiday season however, is that while you are hunting for goodies for the kids, these retailers are hunting for you.

A great story that comes out every year around this time is the warning about the liquidation sale. This applies to your kids' stores as well. Remember, when a store is having a "going out of business" sale or implies that they are liquidating, it is not really about that kids toy store anymore. This type of sale generally means that liquidators have taken over. That means a new group of individuals are competing for your dollar.

When the liquidators come in, it means that you have to take a close look at prices. Don't be afraid to ask around the toy store. You will probably be surprised to hear sales people tell you that the prices of those Power Rangers were actually lower before the sale. That is because it is a different toy seller trying to maximize on the buyout.

During the holiday season it is also a great time to shop around. If you were really good, you looked around ahead of the holiday season to get a feel for the pricing on those toys that your kids really wanted. This is the best strategy generally because you will know right away when you walk in to that store with "sale" signs up all over the place, whether it is a genuine sale.

The holiday season is when most retailers expect to make the bulk of their annual sales so you will see lots of deals being offered. Make sure that before you grab that doll house or super hero you are not being taken on a holiday hustle.

Don't be afraid to shop around. Due to the increased appearance of these so called blowout sales, other retailers like to compete accordingly. That means you will probably find better pricing elsewhere especially if it was liquidation pricing you were looking at. Some of these liquidators actually discount the prices of goods as well. They are not all bad. However, often the discount is not very significant. You probably will still find better prices elsewhere with a little shopping around as retailers fight to stay competitive during this crucial time of year.

Best of luck finding those genuine kids toys for sale and remember, before you decide to run away to live a life of anonymity this holiday season, take a little time to shop around. You may be pleasantly surprised. If not, there are always great prices on flights to Guam this time of year.

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