Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Harry Potter and High School Musical: Will They Compete?

I have recently mentioned both Harry Potter and High School Musical in past articles. I do so not only because they are both great fun for my little girl but also because I would love to see High School Musical and Harry Potter compete against one another in the theatres.

If anybody knows if there is a chance of Harry Potter and High School Musical going head to head in theatres let me know. Let would be an epic battle.

Imagine Harry Potter stumbles out into the high school gym. The High School Musical kids look at him like he is lost. You know they want to tease him. They make fun of his strange robe and ask him why he is carrying around a twig.

Harry Potter sizes up the kids in the gym. He notices that they are all dressed for a basketball game but can't seem to ask him a question without dancing around him at the same time. The High School Musical is always going on. Harry Potter tells the kids that the robe is his formal wear from Hogwarts and it is an honour to have even been accepted. He goes further to tell them that it isn't a twig it is a wand.

The High School Musical kids size him up like he is something out of a fairy tale. He has to explain to them that he is. They tell him that they think he is crazy. He explains that he isn't and asks what kind of kids can't communicate in a normal conversation and have to sing all their dialogue. They tell him that his school sounds like an infected pig. He asks them what they think it is infected with but instead of answering they begin line dancing all around.

Harry Potter waves his wand in the air causing light and sparks to fly. The kids immediately line up for fire drill. Harry Potter explains to them that it isn't a fire drill but instead he is working a spell. The High School Musical kids tell him that their school ranks tops in the nation for spelling bees and that he doesn't have a chance. Harry Potter becomes frustrated and storms out of the gym with the parting insult that only dimwits sing when they are supposed to be playing basketball.

Really what I meant was, how well each movie would do in theatres if they came out at the same times. I'm guessing, that isn't going to happen.

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