Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Read With Me and Kidz Bop Score Big for Fisher Price

When it comes to entertaining little kids, you have to step back and admire the history of Fisher Price. This company has been around for as long as I can remember and they seem to just keep putting out amazing stuff.

When I was little there were too toys that I can remember that were amazing. There was a transparent musical ball. It was about the size of a soccer ball and it floated in water. The inside of it was all different manner of color and there were things in there that I couldn't even begin to describe. It was amazing because I would take it in the bath tub with me and it would float. As it floated, it would spin and that would make music come out of it. That was pretty cool.

The other great toy I had from them was a barn. It was a little red barn like any that you would see on a farm except that it was little and a toy. I could open it up and put all kinds of farm animals inside and pretend that I was a farmer. What made it fun and hysterical for me, was that every time you opened the front door to the barn you would hear a strange sheep sound. It always cracked me up. I could play with these things for hours and they were pretty impressive toys for the seventies.

Today, Fisher Price is nothing short of amazing. They have come up with two great toys I wanted to tell you about. The first one is Read With Me DVD. This thing is great. It is a basic unit that plugs directly into your TV and the activities are all on DVDs. Your child gets to sit with an easy to operate remote unit that takes them through a classic story and teaches them how to identify words and pictures. The one that I saw was the classic, where the wild things are from Maurice Sendak. I highly recommend this toy for all kids who are learning how to read. If I had it as a child, I would have been on it for hours.

The next toy is more fun than it is educational. It is Fisher Price's Kidz Bop. This thing is a lot of fun and bound to bring out the performer in every kid. If you thought your child was shy, a few moments with this thing and look out. It basically plays all forms of modern music, all stored on mini cartridges. The unit plugs directly into your television and your child holds a remote microphone. It is instant karaoke but it goes one better. Your child gets to watch themselves perform on television since the base is also a camera. Great fun.

If you have little kids, you have to run out and grab Read With Me DVD and Kidz Bop. You will thank me later.

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