Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kids' Fantasy Weather Fairy Tale Book Series is Fantastic

There are so many different books to choose from these days when you are looking for something for your kids to read. When you have little ones, like I do, the choices are crazy and overwhelming. I have always gravitated towards the classics which I will talk about another time, but I always have my eyes open for other ideas. I am always interested in finding new writers or series that I think my little girl will really enjoy.

I also enjoy books that challenge her since she is learning how to read and progressing along at a pretty good speed. I know I'm the parent and all parents say their kids are brilliant but trust me, my little girl is a future supreme court justice, or rocket scientist or maybe a princess as she has insisted she will be.

On a recent visit to the book store I found a great series of books that seem great for her age, she is five, and her reading ability. It's the kind of book that she can try to read but right now really enjoys when we read it to her, especially at bed time. The book is part of the Rainbow Magic series and is one of a group called The Weather Fairies. This one is called Abigail the Breeze Fairy. In this particular series there are seven weather fairies. Each fairy is responsible for some aspect of the weather, as I'm sure you already guessed.

Each fairy has a magical feather that they use to control the weather. If something happens to the feather, as things usually do, the weather goes crazy! The stories are fun and easy for your kids to follow. The only 'bad guy' that tends to pop up is the goblin and he isn't scary at all. He just tries to cause mischief with the feathers.

The books teach your kids about the weather, friendship and how to overcome little problems that can pop up at any time. The emphasis throughout the series of helping friends in need is a great lesson for kids and the idea of a continuing theme throughout all the books gives your kids something to look forward to in subsequent volumes. I would recommend grabbing all seven weather fairy books at once as you can probably get through one easily for each bedtime session. After you complete the weather fairies series, there are others to check out from Rainbow Magic.

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