Thursday, October 16, 2008

Disco Dancin' Wubbzy Gets The Kids Up And Dancing

There is never enough music in the house and hardly any dancing. It's always great when the tunes are rolling out at our place because we do move like nobody else is watching and I hope for their sake they really aren't.

Fisher Price has put out a great new toy. It is the Disco Dancin' Wubbzy. I like it for a lot of reasons but mostly because it really makes me laugh. The thing is all yellow, which happened to be my favorite color when I was a kid, and it has har like my great uncle Lou. The only difference is that on the Wubbzy, it does not come off.

This toy is great. It is recommended for kids three years of age and up, trust when I tell you the older toddlers are drawn to it. He performs four different dance moves. They all have different names. The moves are comprised of the Wubbzy wiggle, Wubbzy worm, Wubbzy headstand and the Wubbzy cartwheel. They are all hysterical to watch and at the end of his routine he performs a grand finale that incorporates all four moves. It is a blast.

What you will likely notice right away is that the kids love watching it and you can see the wheels turning in their heads as if they wondering how it is working. If your kid likes to move it, they will definitely enjoy dancing with Wubbzy and it makes a great gift idea too.

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