Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kids Top Five Favorite Superhero Action Figure Toys

This is a list that I'm sure some may want to challenge. The truth be told, I'm sure it might vary a little depending upon where you are from in the world. For the most part, based on sales from some of the biggest toy manufacturers in the world and the types of advertising dollars being poured into the promotion of most of these guys, it would appear that list should be pretty close no matter where you are from or who your favorites may be.

Therefore, in no particular order, here are the top five favorite superhero action figure toys.

1. Spiderman. Due in large part I am sure to the huge success of the movie franchise, Spiderman action figure sales have boomed. The designs that are available today also vary somewhat from earlier models, not to mention functionality. The spiderman paraphernalia franchise has also done quite well in conjunction with the sales of the action figures. Therefor, masks and web spray and villains all do very well thanks to the webslinger's popularity.

2. The Hulk. He is green. He is big. He is mean. Much like the success of the Spiderman franchise, the success of The Hulk also owes itself in large part to the release of the more recent feature films. The popularity of the comic book icon had been dropping off for a period of time but now the need to smash has returned. It has returned big time. This also happens to be one action figure that seems to be available in an incredible array of sizes and construction. Keep and eye on the green guy. He could make your kids get carried away.

3. Batman. This popular dark caped crusader has gone through more changes perhaps than any of his counterparts. He is however, not really a super hero. He is really just a guy with a lot of money and as the Joker has commented, has so man amazing toys. He has gone from a flimsy pajama wearing comic like incarnation in the 60s to a muscle bound almost futuristic machine in the 21st century. He is definitely another character that comes in a variety of forms for the kids to chose from as well as more accessories than you will ever be able to count.

4. Mr. Incredible. That's right this guy is still a favorite. The movie lives on in DVD sales and the action figures seem to go right along with it. It is not surprising that he is a favorite, especially with parents. Even though he is a super hero who is supposed to be covertly fighting evil, he is fun and colorful with a sense of humor. He is playful even though he has enough strength to crush mountains. As such, he remains hugely popular and both mini and large versions of this guy, not to mention the rest of his family, continue to fly off of toy store shelves.

5. Ironman. The popularity of this action figure has exploded. Since the release of the feature film, you may see a common thread here, Ironman has come out of the scrapyard and onto the playing field of kids across the country. He was previously condemned to dusty comic book racks and tended to be a favorite only amongst the die hard fans. Since Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal, more kids have been preferring the iron variety to the one they call super. Although, the classic super fella still does alright.

That is the list of the top five. If you are stuck for an idea for a gift for the kid who loves the superheros, you probably won't go wrong with any of these selections. Honourable mentions to go out to the members of the legion of America as well as the X-Men and The Fantastic Four. All of which are fun choices and easily some of the most popular toy choices ever.

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