Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween and The Running of The Kids

Tomorrow is Halloween and the kids are all getting ready. My little one is going to be going out as a unicorn which should make for some fun photographic moments. She does just so happen to make the cutest unicorn ever. I'm not just saying that because I am her parent, I have checked the catalogue of unicorns, both historical and fictional, and she without a doubt is the cutest.

At first we were thinking about her going in a two person costume where one of them is the back side and the other is the front. That would have been impressive and it would have been a full size attraction. I was quite concerned however about how other young kids might perceive her. They might think that it was real and go running off down the street. That would be a bad scene.

The other concern I had with the two person costume would be deciding who would be the back end. That would considerable torture having to live like that for the entire evening. That would get pretty warm after a while and probably wouldn't smell too wonderful. I suppose they could always trade off but that would be a lot of work. So we opted for the single unicorn look. As I already mentioned, she is cute.

It is a great costume because it has no loose parts and the face is wide open so there isn't any mask it is safe and fun and easy for her to run around in. I would highly recommend it for people stuck for costume ideas but don't expect your kids to be cuter than mine. Remember, everywhere else in life it is good to encourage your kids to have fruits and vegetables but don't except them from your neighbours on Halloween. Isn't that odd? Make sure your little munchkins only keep the garbage. What is wrong with us?!

Have fun all!

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