Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kids Have Fun With Creepy Things

There are not many places that my kids won't go. They seem to enjoy pretty much everything. We can go to movies together. They love movies and they could watch them all day long if we let them. They love going to Marineland. They really enjoy the shows and all the different types of fish and whales and dolphins and things. They love going to amusement parks. Even the little ones enjoy the rides, especially when they are made for them. We can even take them to a park for the day and just run around. They seem to be easily entertained which is a blessing. There are definitely friends of ours who tell us about how hard it is to take the kids anywhere because they are so picky about their entertainment.

Although our kids always enjoyed going to the zoo, there was a place that I did not expect them to enjoy. It is a reptile centre. This place is wild. The entire facility is devoted to snakes and lizards and alligators etc. This place does not have all the cute and cuddly things that you would
normally find at a zoo. Now I'm a grown man. I did not look at many of these animals and think that I wanted to get very close to them. Since I felt that way, I didn't think my five year-old little girl would want to have much to do with these creatures either. There is a crocodile tank that doesn't appear the least bit inviting and they have shows where they bring out giant anacondas for people to hold while they tell you stories about how in some parts of the world these snakes have been known to attack people.

There were all the poisonous things too. We all know how attractive those guys are. I didn't think in a million years my little ones would want to have anything to do with this place. After all, my little girl loves puppies and kittens and dolphins and rabbits. These things are considered appetizers at the reptile centre. So needless to say when a friend told me I should take the kids and check it out, I was skeptical.

Well, as you can imagine I was wrong. The kids loved the place. There were areas where you could pet snakes and baby crocs. You could go on stage to be one of twelve people holding a giant snake. Let me tell you, my sweet little five-year old baby girl was the first to volunteer to try all of these things. She couldn't get in there fast enough. The biggest surprise was still to come. At the end of one of the shows, the staff announces that they will be feeding the crocodiles on a particular date and they would like everybody to come and check it out. What will they be feeding the crocodiles you might ask? A zebra, of course. My little girl turned to me a without missing a beat said "Daddy can we please come back to see the crocodile eat the zebra? Please!"

Needless to say I was quite surprised. I never imagined in a million years that the kids would enjoy it so much. They really did and I never even knew that this place existed in town. If you are looking for a different experience to share with your kids and can't come up with anything new, see if there is a reptile centre of some kind in your town. The kids love it. Oh, and keep the bunnies at home.

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