Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kids Toys That Kids Love

Recently I have found some great toy gift ideas for kids that I think most kids will really enjoy. I have been birthday shopping for my daughter. This is not the easiest task in the world since we are blessed with a huge family so she gets toys from all over the place at birthday time. I actually have to tell the family to go easy on the toys so that she doesn't get spoiled. However, no matter how hard we try, I think as parents we end up spoiling them anyways.

While looking for her, I did find these great toys that I think would be fun for either boys or girls. It is always great finding stuff that they can all enjoy and that can always be passed along to another child if and when she outgrows it.

The first new kids toy I found that I thought was great is a classic choice but the latest in a very successful line of toys. It is an Elmo toy. I know what a bunch of you are thinking. Another Elmo? Yup, another one. These things are just so great though. I've always enjoyed them because the kids get such a kick out of them and they are safe and easy to use. Those are things I will often look for in a toy. This one is called Elmo Live. I believe it is the latest in the line to be designed. He speaks and his mouth opens and closes when he talks like a functional puppet. He can wave his arms and he can stand up or sit down.

Elmo Live is capable of telling stories and singing songs and he can even tell jokes and play games. You know the kids are going to think that is fun and hysterical. This toy always makes me crack up. He is really easy to operate. Kids can set him in motion by doing any number of things to him including squeezing his foot, tummy or nose. The ease with which he can be operated is a huge selling feature for me as I mentioned. He is also lightweight and appears pretty durable. If anyone has gotten this guy for their kids I would love to hear about it.

The other toy that I found that I think the kids will love is called the Kid Tough Camera. I think I mentioned another toy from the Kid Tough line not too long ago but I didn't know about this camera otherwise I would have mentioned it. It looks great. It is a digital camera and boasts to be the first pre-school appropriate digital camera. I'm not sure what that means exactly but I know that it looks great for kids. It is easy and straight forward to use. I know my little girl would love it because she enjoys using my camera to take pictures and with this one, I could just give it to her and let her go. It appears to be incredibly durable and also claims to be waterproof. That would be something to see.

The camera has big easy to operate buttons with a 1.5' LCD preview screen so your kid can see the picture right away. This is a great function since my kid loves just seeing the picture on the screen of the camera, I don't think she is that interested in ever even printing them off. She typically likes to take the shot, see it and move on. Maybe when she gets a little older she'll think about building albums. As I mentioned, it looks simple to operate and the box said it only weighs about a pound so it's easy for your kids to carry around and can withstand bumps and drops. I might go for this one but if somebody has one already, I would be interested in hearing about it. I would really like to know about the durability.

Anyway, just wanted to share those finds with you. Best of luck with your birthday gift hunting.

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