Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kids Love Drawing and Painting

There are not too many kids that I have met that don't enjoy some kind of drawing and painting. It must be one of the best ways there is for expressing themselves. It also happens to be a great way for them to spend some time having fun and quality time with their parents.

What is so great about painting or drawing is that kids get so excited about what they have created. They love the entire process. The picture is one thing as it begins and then gradually it changes into another thing, or many different things. It always gives a kid a great sense of accomplishment.

Expressing themselves through art gives kids a great chance to explore different ways of looking at things in the world. It teaches them how to appreciate different perspectives and to further understand things they hadn't previously thought about.

Painting with kids is a great way for them to experiment with transferring figures in their minds to paper. They can learn to translate color, shapes and all kinds of figures. The great thing about drawing and painting with kids is that there are no rules. The kids freely express themselves and use the drawing and painting utensils in all kinds of different and creative ways.

In particular, painting allows them to get in there with all different kinds of brushes, big and small. Sometimes they don't have to use brushes. They can use stencils, and cardboard cut outs and dried pasta or q-tips or string or sponges or anything at all for that matter. Of course the best for kids is to get in the there with their hands an feet and fingers and toes and get messy because that is when they create some of their greatest works of art. We don't need no stinking brushes!

A little something you should keep in mind is keeping your work area clean. Make sure before the kids get started with whatever the art project is, that you put down a drop cloth over your table or floor. You may also want to consider keeping a wash bucket close by full of soapy water for their hands so that your little artists don't have a chance to run all over the house leaving new designs on walls and furniture.

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