Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kids Classic Monsters Inc. is Tops

There have always been dozen of films available for you kids. The studios come out tons every year and hope to catch the eyes of kids and parents alike in a way that will turn their film into a monster success. Most of the time the films do alright since at any given moment there are not a huge selection of kids movies to go to. Studios also carefully plan release dates so as not to compete directly with another kids movie that might cause theirs to go into the toilet.

As a result, the movie going experience for a lot of these films is OK but there usually are not many that are memorable. There is one film that came out during the past ten years that continues to hold its place as not only memorable but one that will definitely go on to become a huge kids classic.

Monsters Inc. was great in the theatres. It garnered tons of attention and was Pixar's third biggest opening weekend ever. The film is an animated tale about a town of monsters that is dependent upon scaring children for the city's energy. The cast is made up of Hollywood all-stars including John Goodman, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi and Jennifer Tilly. The plot line involves the fact that despite these monsters having to go into children's bedrooms to scare them all over the world, the monsters are devastatingly afraid of children believing that if they touch them they will get contaminated. Of course, all hell breaks loose when a child makes her way into Monstropolis where they live.

The movie is so well done and despite that fact that it is all about monsters, kids of all ages will enjoy it since the monsters are not really scary, but in fact really cute and cuddly looking. Even the ones that you would imagine to be "gross" or "creepy" are animated in the most amazing way that kids can't help but love them. My little girl, who can be a tad sensitive at times with scary movies, absolutely adores this one and has been watching it REPEATEDLY for years. If you are looking for a great rental for the kids one night and they haven't seen it yet, run out and grab Monsters Inc. The kids will love it and there is plenty of fun and comedy written in for grown ups too. Even if everyone has seen it already, it is sure to become one of those types of films that kids and grown ups go back to time and time again.


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