Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kids Eyes Are Critical For Learning

Here is a little something that I just found out about and it is information that no parent should be without. With the school season well under way it has been conceded that something like eighty percent of what kids learn about is vision related. That is, they absorb the information visually. However, nearly two thirds of those kids entering school, particularly primary are not being tested for vision problems. This can become a significant issue since approximately one out of every four kids has a vision problem.

Supposedly both state and federal legislation has been enacted to attend to improving the vision care of children. That would be something I would like to see in practice to actually believe. If it has happened, I wouldn't be surprised if some huge pharmaceutical company is behind it.

Apparently untreated visual problems can affect a child's physical and emotional development. Where some states are requiring mandatory vision testing for children before entering school, many states still do not require it. Of those that do require it, follow up visitation and check ups are not. This is incredibly odd considering those children who may be discovered to have vision problems. It seems to fall more on the parents, as I believe it should, to ensure healthy vision care for their kids and regular follow ups. Particularly if there has been any problems at school.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to keep an eye out, I apologize that is a horrible pun, for the following indications that there might be vision problems:

squinting, covering one eye to read, rubbing of the eyes, eyes being red constantly or appearing torn or a tendency of one or both eyes to turn outward.

These are all indications that your child might be having vision problems. As vision is so critical for the effective learning of kids, make sure yours are checked out or screened at least annually. As most of you I am sure already make sure of this, it is amazing to think how many kids are going to school and can't see properly. Hopefully sharing this information will help lead to eliminating this problem.

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