Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Artist Kid's Great Toy Idea

I don't know about most of you but my kid loves to draw. She also loves to paint and get messy and leave all kinds of things on paper and call it her great work of art. She has enjoyed painting and drawing and creating ever since she could did her hands into anything that would leave a mark on the wall or table or floor. I think you get the picture.

Well now that she is five, her projects are very serious, as you parents are all very aware. She has learned how to incorporate all kinds of other things. She will stick on pipe cleaners, dried macaroni and bandages. She explores every color under the rainbow and then mixes them together to find other colors. After she is all done, she makes her way to the refrigerator and hunts for a magnet and an empty space. The only thing is, there generally isn't much space left and it usually means we have to retire one of her earlier works to the archives.

In consideration of space management for all the young Picassos out there, I recently came across a great new toy from Alex Toys called My Art Show. It is a really simple idea and great for those families who are running out of display space. It is a flat colored canvas, I've only seen it in blue so far, that measures 50' high by 29' wide. It comes along with six different picture frames in which your child can place a different piece of art work. Then it just hangs on the wall displaying all six pieces. When your child feels like changing it, the frames themselves are easy to remove and replace because they attach with Velcro. The frames can be moved around and placed in a number of different ways.

I thought the toy was great for any of those budding artists out there who are constantly producing but always need a new place to show their work. Sorry mom and dad if it means a little more stuff on the wall but it's worth it. The display piece is a lot of fun, it is easy to use, it encourages the kids to be creative and there isn't much that they can break.

All that being said, it may actually be a great toy that you can make for your kids. It's a great idea but if you have the right stuff, it really appears to be one of those things that you could assemble on your own. That usually is the case with great simple kids' toys. I'm sure the people at Alex Toys don't appreciate the suggestion but in all likelihood, most would prefer to just buy the ready made display case.

For the young Rembrandt messing up walls and tables in your home, I think My Art Show would make a great gift idea.

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