Monday, April 18, 2011

Walking On Clouds Can Be Done Everyday

Walking on clouds can be done everyday! During the months of April, September and May! If you hold your head high and smile wide and strong, there is nothing you can't do, nothing can go wrong.

Walking on clouds lifts you above everything below, you move faster and stronger and have meaning as you go. Your legs are like wings, sharing the skies with the birds, the most remarkable things are up there, unlike anything you've heard.

But to walk on the clouds you must go outside, you have to run and jump and play and slide. Be brave and embrace the days as they come, it all awaits you, you're the only one.

For walking on clouds is a gift you see, for the joyous, the friendly and the climbers of trees. It's the great stuff you find in the air everyday, that you pass onto others as you do, share and say.

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