Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home Alone During The Holidays With The Kids

Recently I mentioned the classic film A Christmas Story as a must see with the kids this holiday season. Last night I stumbled upon another classic that probably should not be missed.

If your kids haven't seen it yet, find Home Alone and throw it on. We were watching without remembering much about it because we hadn't seen it in years, as it turns out my little girl loved it. She couldn't stop laughing. Especially when the crooks are going through the house and running into all of the kid's traps, she was on the floor.

As it turns out, Home Alone is one of those holiday films that my little girl can't get enough of. She has already requested a copy so she can watch it another hundred times. Of course we are good parents and wouldn't allow her to watch more than seventy two times a day. There has to be some time put aside to brush her teeth.

I couldn't imagine leaving any kid Home Alone for the holidays although I'm sure there are some parents who have considered it. I've always been curious to hear stories of parents who forgot a kid somewhere. I'm not talking about anything terrible. Even if it was for just ten minutes, and everything turned out OK, there is something hysterical about that to me. If you forget the kid at home that's not all that bad, especially if there is plenty of food in the house.

If you have a story like that, I'd be interested to hear about it. Don't worry, you don't have to use your real name, I'm just looking for the story. Just think of this as a chance to get the story off your chest and then you are forgiven. That's right. Just like that.

In the meantime, go out and grab a copy of Home Alone if the kids haven't seen it yet. Joe Pesci is amazing in it and it really has stood up well over time. It's still a hoot and I'm sure you'll have a blast watching it with the kids.


Tiffiney said...

My kids just love this movie...we all have seen it a million my youngest two will start watching it sitting around with them at Christmas time watching good movies.. :)

i'm kelly said...

that is such a classic. i can't wait until my kids are old enough to watch it.

Clarine Marquis said...

Every year come December 1st I get out all of our families Christmas movies. We try to watch everyone of them during the month of December. It's nice because I own, so busy is an everyday thing Sitting down with the family is something I look forward to.

Zelna said...

my kids love all the "home alone" moveis. My son is especially fond of the last one. as for leaving my kids somewhere, ja, i thought of it, but it only lasted a split second.

but i know of a few parents that left there kids at church. lol!!

Diet Menu said...

Ya i like this video :).

Pain Management said...

That guy is too chill i like this movie :).

Pain Management said...

I like home alone it is with good story :)