Monday, April 25, 2011

The Greatest Pony Ride Ever

There don't seem to be many things that fascinate kids more than animals.  Just watching them run around with boundless energy or simply lounging in the sun are an equal amount of fun.  The first time I took my daughter to the zoo it was like entering a magical kingdom and she couldn't get enough.

The monkeys were a big hit.  She could not get enough of them. There was a whole lot of laughter going on and that was coming from all the kids watching, and a few of the monkeys.  My little girl loved the way the mother monkeys would swing around on the trees while their babies would hang on around their bellies.  It was kind of mesmerizing.

However, nothing could prepare us for the sheer joy that was about to engulf our little girl.  About half way through our visit we found the pony ride.  She couldn't run over to get in line fast enough.  All we heard for the next five minutes was how she wanted to get on the white one and how the white one was the prettiest.  We tried to emphasize that it was more important to be the nicest.  I don't think she heard us.

Around and around she went. "This is the greatest pony ride ever!" she called out. She took three more turns.  Afterwards she begged us to get her a pony.  I told her she could start with a little one, that came in a box.  If it was still in one piece after a year, we'd talk about it.

When you're talking great stuff for kids, don't forget about the pony rides.

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